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BPTC, a safe blockchain used in real life!

BPTC, launched by SoftwareMake Co., Ltd., a 20-year history of IT, is a coin that pursues the growth of the sharing economy by creating a free market economy, business-to-business transactions, and a corresponding distribution environment. An infrastructure that can be used in real life has been established with a safe virtual currency optimized for use in any environment, and we will become a BPTC responsible for the future distribution economy.

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SoftwareMake Co., Ltd. History and BPTC Summary white paper, Korean & English white paper

TOMATO Platform

Provides a variety of real-life essential services and easy, convenient payment anytime, anywhere

COIN NARA Platform

Provides a place of use to virtual currency companies that do not have a place to use unlisted/listed coins


Arious payment services are available by lending a simple QR payment terminal to affiliated stores at free of charge

Global Cash Master Card

Easy payment available online/offline worldwide. Recharges USD and TOMATO and provides transfer, exchange, and ATM withdrawal services

  • TOMATO Platform

    Various contents such as shopping, gift certificates, mutual aid, communication, etc. are available and can be used cost efficiently with TOMATO points.

  • TOMATO Rental

    About 12,000 rental products that are used more than one per house on average can be easily purchased and paid.

  • VVIP Exclusive Hall

    When purchasing a VVIP membership card, the membership level rises, and special services are available at the lowest price.
    Offers services other than shopping/leisure/travel/medical.

  • TOMATO Affiliates

    Pay with TOMATO TD PAY anytime, anywhere, such as local restaurants, laundry, supermarkets, karaoke bars, etc. (Transaction Fee $0)

  • Beauty & Health Care

    Pay for hospital treatment, nursing home, plastic surgery tourism, and beauty treatments such as hair salon, nail art, skin care, and massage, etc.

  • Entertainment

    TD PAY payment is available with TOMATO points for admission tickets to move theatres, plays, performances, and various events.

  • Global Cash Master Card

    Available online/offline at MasterCard merchants globally. Simple and secure payment for study abroad, travel, shopping, etc.
    Recharge in USD and TOMATO, transfer and exchange services, withdrawal from ATM devices.

  • Sponsorship & Donation

    TOMATO points can be gifted to celebrities whom you support, and a certain amount of coins can be continuously donated to designated donations every month.

  • Blockchain Technology

    20 years of IT history SoftwareMake Co., Ltd. provides a solution using blockchain technology. TOMATO platforms, COIN NARA, electronic business cards, etc.

  • Tomato Wallet

    An easy and safe card-type that safely protects your precious assets, cold wallet.

  • Nanuri Gift Certificate

    Can be purchased with TOMATO and conveniently used as cash at online/offline affiliates through various payment methods.

2023 페트이리와 홍보영상
2023 BPTC 홍보 영상
페트모아 동영상 HD 고화질 버전
인이에스지(주) 홍보영상
BPTC 홍보영상 - CN
BPTC 홍보영상 - Global
BPTC 홍보영상 - KR


  • Simple QR payment
    Pay with TOMATO like cash at affiliated stores.
  • Double earning rewards as you spend
    Up to 95% reward for using TOMATO online/offline.
  • Participation in events
    Earn vouchers for surveys, games, and various events.
  • Paid TOMATO
    Can be easily converted into cash anytime and anywhere.
BPTC Ecosystem
  • Name
    : BPTC(Business Platform Tomato Coin)
  • Role
    : Platform Payment
  • Token Publication
    : Ethereum(ERC20)
Total amount of issue
9,999,999,999 BPTC
Day of issue 2019.02.28
Coin burn
  • 1st 5,000,000,000 BPTC
  • 2nd 500,000,000 BPTC
  • 3rd 500,000,000 BPTC
  • 4th 500,000,000 BPTC
  • 5th 500,000,000 BPTC
  • 6th 285,922 BPTC
  • 7th 50,071,082 BPTC
* marketing, developer, advisor ~10% lock release every month after 180 days of listing.
* Coin incineration proceeds according to the foundation policy proportional to the circulation.
2019 Q1-Q2
  • - IEO Progress
  • - Launched Living Platform TOMATO
  • - Platform Offline Business Alliance
  • - Coin Ecosystem COIN NARA Development
  • - Established Human Blockchain Council
  • - Agreement with Medical Tourism Companies
  • - Host Performances Related to Social Welfare
  • - Launched Korea Life Rental Cooperative Union
  • - Listed BPTC on Domestic and Overseas Exchange
2019 Q3-Q4
  • - Platform Expansion
  • - Linkage of Master Card
  • - Linkage of Ali Pay, WeChat Pay
  • - Established a Rental Consumer Council
  • - Established Altcoin Ecosystem Council
  • - Collection of Consulting-related Subsidiaries
  • - Introduction of a Sharing System Through Advertisement
  • - Issuance of Government Certification of Rental Coordination
  • - Established a Subsidiary of a Manufacturing/Distribution Corporation
2020 Q1-Q2
  • - TOMATO Wallet Sales
  • - Listed on Global Exchange
  • - Issuance of TOMATO VVIP Card
  • - BPTC Hard Fork Implementation
  • - Linkage of Master Card Platfrom
  • - Coin Issuance, White Paper Production
  • - Simple QR Payment TD PAY Implementation
  • - Expansion of Offline Business Alliances Platform
  • - HAECHI AUDIT smart contract code security audit passed
  • - law firm (limited company) Passed an opinion to review whether it is a financial investment product
2020 Q3-Q4
  • - Shields OS Mobile Development
  • - Issuance of TOMATO Stable Coin Cash
  • - Alliance of Global Financial Company
  • - Linkage of QR Terminal & Kiosk TD PAY
  • - Coaching Council and Platform Development
  • - Blockchain Financial/Security Solution Provision
  • - Introduction of Electronic Integrated Payment System
  • - Overseas Expansion of Living Platform in Vietnam, etc.
2021 Q1-Q2
  • - Conference (Meetup)
  • - Tomato Platform Update
  • - Listed on domestic and foreign exchanges
  • - Prepaid system complete
2021 3Q-4Q
  • - Collaboration with various projects/expansion of use
  • - Expansion of payment offline stores
  • - Build your own network integration system
  • - Mainnet launch
  • - Established own operating company and REITs company
  • - Introduction of internet banking system
  • - Complete Payment System
  • - Establish TOMATO Cashback
  • - Development of 'pidglobal' Platform
  • - Development of 'plusmall' selling shopping mall
  • - 'Inesg' Platform Development
  • - Development of the "PET IRIWA" Platform
  • - Development of the "PET IRIWA BIZ" Platform
  • - Development of the "PET IRIWA" Kiosk
  • - 2022 Conference (2022-12-30 'Take Hotel')
  • - BPTC ▶ EBPTC Rebranding in Q4 2023
  • - "CAN IRIWA" Platform < To be released >
  • - "CAN IRIWA" Kiosk < To be released >


Lee Hee Jun
Kim Hyun Sung
Chief Operations Manager
Chief Executive Developer
Eo Hae Sun
Operations Manager
Support Team
Eo Hae Sun
Operations Manager
No Young Jin
Operation Support
Kim Ah Young
Operation Support
Lee Hyuk
Management Support
Development Team
Kim Hyun Sung
Chief Operations Manager
Chief Executive Developer
Han Tae Hee
Back-end Developer
Park Jae Kwang
Back-end Developer
Jo So Hyun
Front-end Developer
Cho So Yoon
Project Designer
Lee Yu Jin
Front-end Developer
Hong Jin Hyuk
Back-end Developer
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